Cyber Security and Technology: The New Wealth of Africa

Inveteck Global
2 min readJul 26, 2021


The attainment of wealth is what drives economy and individual prosperity. Wealth is not the same as being rich. Wealth is sustainable, recurring and generational. Riches propel you to wealth. For you can find a diamond mine for riches, but your descendants having generational financial security is wealth. Africa is known for her beauty and for her wealth. African exhibit riches through the acquisition and exhibition of those items. But wealth is what Africa provides from Mensa Musa until Africa’s current new diamond mine, Deep Data.

The Blacks in Cyber Security (BIC) Association is honored to associate with the largest and oldest continuous Cyber Security and Hacker conference in the world; DEFCON. Annually held in Las Vegas, Nevada, it is in it’s 29th year iteration. DEFCON29 with host a historic event, the first time black Cyber Security will be showcased in their own presentation platform.

The Blacks in Cyber Security (BIC) Association, founded by CEO Michaela Barnett, represents over 12,000 personnel in over 9 countries globally via Ambassadorship. The BIC Ambassador for Ghana is Stephen Hasford. Stephen Hasford led TeamGhana to First Place in the 2021 Africa Cyber Defense Forum (ACDF) Cyberlympics hacking competition sponsored by CompTIA. 54 teams from 17 African nations prequalified and then qualified to compete in this two-day event using the Try-Hack-Me platform based in London, England.

Inveteck Global, your Leader in Cyber Security, congratulates TeamGhana. Inveteck Global provides expertise in Executive Cyber Leadership, Cyber Workforce Development and Education, Advanced Cyber and Social Media Intelligence, Risk Management Strategies and Best Practices, Cyber Policy and Strategy Construction and Implementation, and Cyber Defense Infrastructure and Architecture.

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